How to Get Rid of Flies – Fascinating Home Remedies

Flies are the most irritating insects; as well as unsanitary as they buzz around in your house. They go after every scrap of food and dirt they find in your house leaving behind a trail of bacteria that can cause diseases like diarrhea, food poisoning and cholera. It doesn’t matter how quick you may close the door, flies still find a way into your home. Even a handful of female flies can translate to thousands within the shortest period of time. For instance, an average female fly can lay about 500 eggs in its one month lifespan. This makes it even worse for you to eliminate flies, especially if you lack the know-how of some most effective DIY techniques.

Fortunately, there are several DIY techniques that can help eliminate or reduce the number of flies. These are basically home remedies that are inexpensive, entirely natural, risk free to pets and children, and safe to your food. These methods will help answer your question of, “How to get rid of flies?”

1. Clean your house!

This is one of the simplest techniques you can use to do away with flies because it is inexpensive and easy to accomplish. If you really want to eliminate flies completely, then start by ensuring that your house is clean all the time because flies become more attracted to dirty surfaces than to clean ones. Use clove, orange, or basil oil as you clean your house, these oils act as fly repellents. Wipe down and dry clean surfaces, cover compost and clear bread and any other food remains.

2. Use natural insect repellents

There are several ways you can repel flies but doing it the natural way is the best as it saves you money. As mentioned earlier, flies do not like the smell of cloves, basil, oranges, or apples studded with cloves. For instance, you can capitalize on this fact by setting up a basket of organic cloves in your home, planting basil in window-boxes or by simply making a patch of basil by the front door. Also, you may cut oranges and pack them with salt after juicing to act as flies deterrent. In addition to repelling insects, these natural repellents add ornamental value to your room and also leave it smelling fresh.

3. Use a homemade fly trap

Using a fly trap is one of the easiest techniques to execute and monitor, especially the homemade fly trap. For instance, you can coax these insects into a lidded jar by placing food that attracts them to the bottom. Ensure that you punch a few holes in the jar’s lid so that the flies may enter the trap to their demise because after getting into the trap, the flies will not be able to fly back out. Given that this home remedy uses a simple homemade trap, it is therefore very inexpensive, easy and simple.

4. Use water bags

Using water filled bags is the most efficient home remedy for how to do away with flies. It involves hanging half full gallon size water bags at or near areas where flies seem to graze. The premise behind this technique is simply light refraction that causes the many lens in the flies’ eyes to distort what the flies see. This lens effect casts images that portray spider webs hence scaring flies away.

These are just but a few DIY home remedies that can be used to eliminate the nuisance caused by flies. They are good alternatives to commercial sprays, traps and fly paper.

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