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How Can I Save Energy in My Home?

With the cost of energy seemingly on a continuous rise, now more than ever is the time to be looking at other ways in which you can save energy and money. Here is some handy advice to help you change your energy usage habits and cut those energy costs.

1. Flick that switch

Across the world, a huge amount of energy is wasted because homeowners either forget or do not feel it is necessary to turn off lights or appliances when they are not in use. Leaving lights on and leaving televisions and computers on standby are just some of the ways in which that energy bill starts rising more than it needs to. Discipline how you use your appliances and your energy bill will follow in fashion.

2. It’s not natural to live in an oven

A major contributor to the home energy bill is the central heating and costs can rise especially high during the winter period. Rather than being flippant with the thermostat, try maintaining your home heat at a comfortable level. Turning down your thermostat just one degree can make a massive impact on your energy consumption, reducing it by 5%! You won’t even notice the difference. I’m sure you can drop the heat even more with the aid of some more clothes layers.

Tip: Turn off the radiators in rooms not being used.

3. How hot do you need your bath?

Another good idea is to reduce the temperature of your hot water heater. Why heat your water to such a high level if it’s too hot to be used! There’s no need for heat level to be set any higher than 60 degrees centigrade. This will prevent you having to use more water to cool down the hot water when bathing or washing the dishes.

4. How dirty is your washing?

It’s likely that most of the items you put through the wash aren’t ‘dirty’ in the real sense of the word. Take the opportunity to turn down your washer to a lower temperature – unless you have a significantly dirty item, most machines will work just as well. You can also make great savings by managing your washing loads: only put a wash on when you have enough clothes to fill the machine. This means you’ll be cutting down on the amount of washes you do, saving on electricity and water.

Tip: Tumble-dryers use a lot of energy. Dry your clothes outside naturally instead – it’s free!

5. Are you wasting water?

In most houses it can take a while for the warm water to run through the tap. In the meantime, the colder water is getting wasted. Catch this water in a container and use it for other purposes such as swilling the dishes or watering the plants.

Compare Energy Prices:

If you’ve tried all of these options and are still finding little change in your energy bills then it might just be that you are paying too much. Think about switching your energy provider. Doing nothing can in fact cost you more money than doing some research and making a change. Take advantage of the wealth of information available across energy price comparison sites.

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