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One July Trip Into a Spray Foamed Attic Was All It Took!

You, perhaps like me have heard a great deal in the past few years about the amazing value of spray foam insulation. Now I must admit, I have probably heard more about it than most. You see my cousin Chad, started his own spray foam business more than ten years ago. I assure you, if you want to know all the details about the best way to insulate your new or existing home, just let Chad bend your ear for a few minutes. There are only about three things that rate higher on his priority list. They are the Lord, his family and his church family. So I assure you, he is a true advocate of the qualities of the spray foam.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I heard Chad talk about how great the foam was, I believed him. But I am sure you will understand when I say. that I still had at least a few reservations. I mean, how could something really be that much more energy efficient than the good old stand bys, like fiberglass and cellulose? They have been using them since way before I was born and that was more than a few yesterdays ago. I had no doubt this new insulation was good. But could it really be all that good?

Well, the more I looked at the statistics, the more I had to admit, all the common products everyone had previously been using to insulate their homes and business had been totally and completely out-classed. There was still something missing however. Yes, I’d done all the research and read all the statistics and was convinced that spray foam was the best. But was it really worth all that extra upfront expense? I just wasn’t convinced.

It was my first trip into a spray foamed attic that removed any and all doubt I had left in my mind. Have you ever stepped into an attic or even opened the attic door on a hot summer day? The blast of heat will near about singe your hair and make you run for the air conditioning. So you can imagine how shocked I was when I walked into this huge, igloo looking house of foam and felt almost no temperature change. If I hadn’t been there to experience it myself, I could not have believed it.

Yes, I am sold on spray foam insulation. The statistics do not lie and neither does my own personal experience. You need not take my word for it. Do your own research and take your own trip into a spray foamed attic.

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