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Putting Money Back In Your Pocket With Spray Foam Insulation

“What can I do to save more money?” This is undoubtedly one of the questions we most often ask ourselves no matter what we are doing. But especially when we are building a new home or involved in a home improvement project. Every dollar counts, seemingly more today than ever.

There are of course countless ways of saving money. Most of us work too hard for the few dollars that we have, just to throw them away carelessly. Careful research is one very important way of guarding against unwise spending. The payoff will be well worth the time invested. The world-wide web is at our fingertips and put to good use this can save you countless hours of grief.

Bargain hunting is, no doubt, one of the most popular means of saving money. And it works! Please, just be careful. There is no telling how much money I have wasted buying according to the cheapest price tag. If you have to pay more for quality, pay more. I have spent lots of dollars trying to save a dime.

The upfront expense of spray foam insulation disqualifies it as a “bargain” in the mind of the average homeowner. This is where a little of that research will help you out. Once you discover that good quality, professionally installed foam, saves homeowners an average of twenty to fifty percent on their overall heating and cooling costs, little more needs be said.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand. This amazing energy-saving product will not only pay for itself, but will soon be putting money back in your wallet for years to come. You don’t even have to wait to start seeing the greenbacks come back your way. Just do a little math. Your monthly savings will far exceed the few dollars that will be added to your monthly mortgage payment or your home improvement loan.

Yes, the price tag for spray foam is a good bit higher than the traditional fiberglass and cellulose insulation products with which we are all so familiar. But this is one of those instances when what seems to be saving money is actually throwing it away.

I dare not fail to mention the added reward spray foam insulation brings in the way of increasing the efficiency and life expectancy of your central air conditioning system. Your foamed attic maintains a temperature only about ten degrees warmer than the conditioned portion of your home. Therefore your unit works more efficiently in a much more favorable environment.

You see, you really can’t go wrong. Invest your money wisely. Have spray foam installed in your existing attic or new home and get back some of those hard-earned dollars.

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