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Reduce the risk of viruses in the workplace

It is crucial to reduce contamination and spread of viruses at work. People expect more from their work environment than safety. They want to know that measures are being taken to prevent a virus from spreading to the workplace. Corona Virus (Covid 19), is the most serious concern. However, other viruses like the flu can cause a lot of work loss and even pose a risk to people’s health.

The Floormat will not solve all of your problems. It is just one piece of the puzzle that creates a safer environment for employees.

This can be done in many ways, and many floor-related products can help.

You need to consider how shoes can carry so many problems. When shoes come in contact with the ground, germs can end up there right after someone coughs or sneezes. Shoes are also worn into public restrooms and other public areas where cleaning happens, at most, once per day. You are spreading germs to your workplace.

It would be safer if people didn’t tie their shoes, put their shoes on their knees, or drop anything on the ground. You probably don’t think about how many times you touch your face.

Sanitizing your railings, desks, and doorknobs is crucial. Removing germs from your floors can help reduce the chance of you getting a virus or spreading it to others. Floormats that are antimicrobial can help prevent germs from growing on your floors.

If you have a carpeted office, you might want to consider replacing it with a hard floor. Then, you can invest in quality custom logo door mats to make your office more comfortable and less likely to harbor viruses. It is much easier to clean a hard floor than a floormat. Hard floors are more easily cleaned and can be replaced.

If you have an office that is closed, this could be a good time to get rid of carpeting and have it professionally cleaned. You can also purchase floormats for entryways, desks and other areas where comfort is important to reduce slippage. It is not a good idea to increase one risk while increasing another chance of people falling. You can mix floormats with anti-slip tape to ensure that the environment is safe and less likely to harbour germs. Floormats made for reception and desk areas will provide more comfort than standard carpeting. This is an advantage for employees.

Another question that you may have is: Should you replace your floormats to lower the risk of getting a virus? A good floormat can be cleaned if it is in good condition. It is more difficult to clean a floormat that is older or of poor quality. This can also cause workers to be less confident. When the environment is not clean, professional, and fresh, people are more anxious.

This is the right time to think about creating a workplace that is cleaner, more comfortable, less likely to spread viruses, and has greater customer confidence. People have real concerns and there are however many tools that can be used to create a perfect environment.

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