Marble Flooring Adds Class

Marble flooring has become increasingly more popular in the past ten years. Marble and Granite have always been popular choices of materials for counter tops, but marble flooring is a great choice to complement any kitchen with wonderful elegance and style. This article will look at some of the reason why you may want to consider marble flooring for your next project.

Where Does Marble Flooring Come From?

For several years companies took fine marble from Italy to use in buildings and other places that required a hard rock material. Now you will find that marble is being brought in from China, Spain, Soviet Union, and even Mexico.

What is Marble Made From?

Marble is created when limestone is subjected to high temperatures and pressure from the earth. The combination of heat and pressure cause the limestone to crystallize and create marble. The very fact that it endures so much to become marble is a contributing fact that it is a very durable material.

Since marble is a natural material is will resist stains very well. This is especially important if you are planning on using marble flooring in your kitchen where it may be subject to spills and lots of foot prints.

Some natural Products Might Cause Problems

Although marble is tough and will resist most stains well. Some common household products like nail polish remover, orange juice, and even certain shampoos might cause stains or damage to your marble flooring. It is recommended that you use a good sealer on your marble flooring to help resist certain stains.

Take Care of Your Marble Flooring

There are some extra care issues that you should consider if you plan to install marble flooring in any area that will be subject to higher traffic. If you plan to install marble flooring in a foyer or door entrance you will want to think about having a professional installer clean and re-seal the marble flooring every year or so.

Marble flooring offers a look and feel that most other flooring materials do not offer. It definitely has its place in the consideration of flooring options. You can find lots of information online about marble flooring. You may want to check with a few builders and see if they have sample of home you can look at to see if it is the flooring choice for you.

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