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Buying A New Home and Getting a Building Inspection

The majority of home buyers know to get a Building and Pest inspection before finalizing the purchase of the home so that they are fully aware of any problems the home may have. A standard Building and Pest Inspection will cover doors, windows, walls, ceilings, structural defects, ventilation and presence of pests and pest damage. There is one very important aspect that a standard Building and Pest Inspection does not cover… Plumbing!

Plumbing is one of the most important components to a home including sewer pipe lines, septic tank, water supply, hot water system, storm water gutters and downpipes, internal fixtures, sinks, pipes, taps, toilets, showers, baths and laundry. Common plumbing problems include tree root infiltration into the storm water drain or sewer line which causes blocked drains and can lead to collapsed pipes, leaking taps, leaking drain pipes and leaking water pipes, low water pressure, inadequate surface water drainage, water damage and pipe corrosion to name just a few.

A Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection is a comprehensive report that inspects with detail every aspect of home plumbing, photos to show condition of plumbing, DVD video of CCTV Drain Camera inspection in storm water line and sewer line. With a Plumbing report in hand you now have peace of mind and have a bargaining tool if there are problems with the plumbing. 96% of Plumbing Inspections carried out indicate some sort of problem with the plumbing system.

As with all things plumbing degrades over time, this is why it is absolutely essential to get your plumbing inspected when you get a Building and Pest Inspection done. When choosing a Plumbing Inspector, make sure that he is a qualified and licensed plumber.

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