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Water Proofing Your House

One of the ways to help save on the energy that your house uses up is by water proofing the areas that need it most. The basement area is one of the major areas but there are other areas like the exterior where water can seep through the cracks in the outer areas of the house. Some homes that are made of brick, stone, stucco and aluminum let the water seep in through the windows and doors.

People who are homeowners need to find solutions to the excess water that seeps into their home causing too much moisture. This moisture builds up until mold and mildew grow in places that the home owner is not likely to be aware. Your home has wooded areas that when they get wet will rot causing major damage to the home. The foundation can be affected; the attic, the walls, windows and doors all could rot causing damage. When the home starts to become damaged because of water then the homeowner knows how important it is to water proof the home.

A newly built home should have the drainage system put in to prevent the doors and windows from getting wet. It is vital that the contractor take the great pains to make sure that the home has the proper insulation. In many new homes one of the major problems is the way that the drainage system is put into the home. Those homes with cute or cleverly designed roofs may prove to be a serious problem if the drainage system is not carefully installed. The best drainage system is one long continuous roof that prevents water from dripping on the windows and doors.

When the windows are installed the contractor needs to make sure that they use a material called flashing. Flashing properly used around the windows will help to protect the wood frame. Flashing is also used around doors for the same purpose. Homeowners must concentrate on how these areas are being handled by the contractor and make sure that the contractor carries out the system of making sure that the wooded areas are being protected.

The basement area is vital as well as that is where the most water seeps into the house. The erosion of the soil can cause the foundation of your home to crack. This is a very dangerous situation for the homeowner plus a very expensive thing to fix. You should keep the gutters cleaned so that the debris cannot back up as this is the reason that erosion of the soil happens. Water proofing your house is very important part of keeping your home safe.

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