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Advantages to Choosing Granite Countertops

When it comes time to remodel your kitchen or bathrooms, granite countertops are a choice that will last for years to come – perhaps even longer than your cabinets! Known for their durability and ease of care, this beautiful stone will enhance both the aesthetics and the value of your home.

Amazing Visual Appeal

This elegant stone really is gorgeous to look at, especially when it’s cut and polished to a silky, smooth luster! Contractors have estimated more than 3,000 designs are available. With that many to choose from, you’re sure to find a color and design that coordinates beautifully with your cabinets, flooring and walls.

Natural or Polished

Natural stone gives a rugged and earthy appearance – perfect for a log cabin or country home setting. When polished, the stone acquires a gorgeous sheen and luster that will rival even the most beautiful marble. This polished stone definitely adds an air of grace and sophistication to your living space.

Incredible Durability

When compared to other counter options, granite countertops will outlast most of the popular options on the market. Make sure that you choose a color that you really like, because you can plan to install them and keep them for decades! There are plenty of neutral colors and designs that work well with changing decorative styles and wall colors.

Low Maintenance

Besides being incredibly durable, this stone takes very little maintenance. It’s also naturally water resistant, so it avoids staining and water damage. And since the stone won’t soak up the moisture, you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew growing inside your counters.

Resists Heat

Wouldn’t you love to take a hot pan out of the oven and simply set it on the countertop without worrying about setting out extra pot holders? With granite countertops, you can do just that. The stone is resistant to heat, so setting a hot pan right on it won’t damage your counters at all.

Clean and Hygienic

One final quality that we’ll look at today is this stone’s ability to keep bacteria at bay. Since it doesn’t soak up water, mold and mildew can’t grow inside. The same goes for bacteria. This stone is quite resistant to bacteria, so even without bacteria-preventing cleaning agents, your counters will easily be kept free of bacteria.

As with any building material, there are some disadvantages to using this stone for your counters. However, you’ll probably find that the disadvantages are few compared to the advantages:

Initial Expense

Depending on where you find your granite countertops, the initial expense may seem a little much. However, keep in mind that these counters will last you for decades!

Requires Sealing

Regular sealing is required to keep the stone water resistant. This is a relatively easy process though. You’ll need to talk to your installer about how often you should perform this maintenance.

Virtually Impossible to Replace

While granite countertops are incredibly durable, there are some instances where they break. If this should happen, it’s very hard to replace just the broken part of the counter.

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