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How to Check Your House for Bedbugs With Ease

Bedbugs are creepy and cause trouble for homeowners. Bedbugs can be seen almost everywhere. You can see them in a common house as well as in a 5-star hotel. As the name suggests, bedbugs can be found in beds where you sleep at night.

Bedbugs can gain access to your house through your luggage or kids’ toys. If you are going on a tour and will be staying in a hotel room, you should first know how to easily check for these creatures in the hotel. This way you can stop their entrance in your home. Follow the steps given below to find out how you can do the inspection to check your room for bedbugs.

Start your inspection from the hotel room where you want to spend nights. You can use the same steps to check your home bedroom, too.

Carefully cast a look underneath of your bed frame.

Remove clothing from the drawers, spread a white sheet on the floor, and shake the clothing over it. If there were any bugs in the clothing, they will fall down on the sheet.

Check on the underside and seams of the dresser drawers using a credit card and a flashlight.

Now, remove clothing from closets, spread the same white sheet on the floor and shake the clothing over it. Take a closer look at seams of clothing, such as coats.

Throw some light on the closer walls as well.

Move furniture away from walls and cast a look at its back. If possible, you should turn it over for inspecting its bottom.

Take a look behind outlets, moldings, baseboards, and light switches. Remove switch covers and outlets, and throw light inside. Also, run a credit card at the backside of the baseboards and moldings if you do not wish to take them off.

Inspect your kids’ toys as well, especially stuffed toys that are used near beds.

Do not forget to inspect the beds of your pests.

Examine all bedrooms like you did the one before.

Go over other areas used by people to sleep like a couch. Similarly, check on the bassinets and cribs, too.

Inspect each and every other room.

Take appliances a bit away from walls and throw some light on walls and backsides of appliances.

Sweep underneath big appliances, such as refrigerator, too. Now get down on your knees and take a look underneath them using a flashlight.

Remove stuff from closets and use a flashlight to go over the walls.

Pay more heed to your laundry room as well. Go over dirty clothing; examine baskets and hampers, especially wicker stuff.

For further assistance with this inspection, you can call in an expert pest exterminator.

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