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How to Deal With a Snake in Your House

Snakes are deadly animals. Although most types of snakes are not poisonous, one may not know which type is poisonous and which is not. So, if you happen to deal with a snake in your home, you should avoid hitting it with a stick or broom. Instead, you should take necessary steps. Read on.

If the snake is on the floor, you should put an object, such as a blanket over it. This will calm down the snake. In order to prevent the animal from getting out of the blanket, you should put heavy things around the edges.

Your next move should be to call a pest controller. They will come in and take the snake away.

In another scenario, if you find the snake in a difficult-to-reach place, such as a drawer, you should do nothing and contact the RSPCA or PDSA. They will collect the animal and take it away from your house.

If you find the snake in your garden, keep yourself away from it. Also, do not try to kill it. Most people get bitten by a snake as they try to kill it off with a stick or broom. Instead, you should spray it from a safe distance using a high-pressure sprinkler or hose. This way the snake may get away.

Snakes visit a place for a reason. Do you have pet birds or rodents? Snakes are fond of eating rats and mice. To keep snakes away, it is better if you do not keep these pests or animals. This is the best thing you can do to get rid of snakes in your house.

To keep mice away from your house, make sure there are no holes in the walls. You can also keep a cat in your house to scare away mice.

In the USA, there are four poisonous types of snakes: coral snakes, rattle snakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths. Rattlesnakes can be easily identified as they produce rattling sound. Coral snakes are red, black and yellow. On the other hand, cottonmouths are dark, olive green.

To cut a long story short, you should be extremely careful while dealing with these snakes since they can be overly aggressive. They may even follow you to bite you. So, if you have no idea how to deal with snakes, you had better call in professionals, such as pest controllers. After all, you may not want to risk your life while handling a dangerous creature.

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