Learn How To Choose The Right Septic Riser For Your Home

If your home has a septic tank, then you need to look into getting a septic tank riser if you don’t have one already installed. A septic tank riser is exactly what it sounds like, it is an extension that rises your septic tank to ground level. This will make it easy to find for maintenance and routine pumping. It will save you money because it can be expensive to have a professional spend time trying to locate your septic tank. Keep reading to discover the types of septic tank risers are out there and which one may be the right choice for you.

There are basically three types of septic tank risers on the market. These three are concrete, PVC and polyethylene. They differ significantly in price and durability. It is a good idea to chose the best septic tank riser that you can afford.

Septic tank risers that are made from polyethylene are resistant to chemical and soil corrosion. These types of septic risers also weigh less and therefore are easier to install. There have been some issues on getting a good seal with the polyethylene septic risers, but if you do get a good seal they are very effective at keeping in gases and water.

The PVC plastic septic risers are light and very easy to install also. The lids are very easy to remove. A tight seal is easily obtainable, which is gives maximum protection from ground water. As with the polyethylene risers, the PVC risers will be more resistant to corrosion.

Last is the concrete septic risers. These risers are heavy and cumbersome to install. The lids to these risers are heavy as well. Another problem with the concrete risers is that they are prone to leaking. They can also be unattractive in your yard.

If you are price shopping, you need to remember that cheapest is not the best in this situation. The cheapest septic risers are the concrete risers. But due to difficulty in installation and the tendency to leak, this is probably not your best choice. The PVC and the polyethylene septic risers are pricier, but easier to install and will last a lot longer. These will give you the best value for your money. When it comes to septic risers, it is smart to pay a little more for quality. It will save you a lot of trouble in the years to come.

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