Metal Roofing Cost And Asphalt Roofing Cost

Metal roofing cost and asphalt roofing cost? People have little idea when a roofing salesperson walks in their door what to expect. It seems there are as many different prices as there are companies selling roofing. They are all looking at the same roof, how can they all arrive at such disparate numbers?

There are many things that can affect the pricing scenario making each one different. There are also hard facts that cannot be tampered with without lying. It is up to each individual home owner to be aware of what is irrefutable and what is conjecture? There is a formula which all homeowners should be aware of and use to their advantage or ignore to their peril

There are many valid reasons for varying roofing price quotes on the same property. Type of material is one factor. Within the parameters of asphalt shingles alone there are quality factors, supply factors, warranty factors, installation factors and longevity factors.

Longevity of the installer is very much a carpe diem issue. Has he been around as a business for long enough to establish a portfolio of satisfied clients which will act as references for him? He may be able to point you to houses he worked on, but did he work on them as his own business or as an employee?

Roofs are expensive. A significant part of the cost is warranty. There are two warranties which should come with every new roof. The manufacturer’s warranty and the roofer’s workmanship warranty are two different animals. Asphalt shingle warranties are insipid at their best. Manufacturer’s ability to absolve them of any responsibility because of shoddy installation is what homeowners must guard against.

Roofing is simply material and labor. Anybody can own a roofing company. Owners do not even have to know how to install a roof. When a roofer comes in with a quote substantially lower than the competition red flags should be raised everywhere.

Questions to ask could be:

1. Do you have references close by that I can speak to and jobs I can see?

2. Do you have a business address?

3. Do you have a business phone? Is your contact number by cell phone only?

4. Do you have a website?

5. Do you have an email address?

6. Do you supply a workmanship warranty and what is it? Do you have a proper contract with the warranty in writing?

7. Do you do all work to code so as to satisfy my insurance company?

An inappropriate answer to any of these questions coupled with a low quote means very likely your installer has no intention of factoring in possible warranty work or insurance expectations into his pricing.

A reputable company will try to earn your business by assuring you all of your concerns are also their concerns. They will guide you through varying materials and try to save you money where they can, but they will not sacrifice your future peace of mind to make a buck today. These companies know how expensive a solid reputation is to establish.

Imagine your roof being flattened by a huge press. This is the actual square footage you will be quoted on. Search on the internet for a free roofing pitch calculator and arm yourself with knowledge. A quality asphalt roof will cost from $4.50-$5.50 per square foot, a quality metal roof from $8.00-$10.00 per square foot.

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