Where Does Safety & Security Begin? Security Expert Explains

Personal safety begins with you. It is widely accepted that a wide-ranging personal safety strategy must incorporate prevention, deterrence and defiance.

PREVENTION: Is the first and most important element of any personal safety strategy. Prevention includes all those things that can be done to avoid dangerous situation.

The most obvious and critical of those things is maintaining a keen awareness of your surroundings at all times.

DETERRENCE: Being aware of potential danger is only one step in your personal safety strategy. Deterrence includes a wide variety of tactics to help tip the odds in your favor.

Such tactics might include body language, verbal aggression, screaming or using a sound device – any actions – which put you back in control. Send the message loud and clear – that you are an assertive person that can deter many potential attackers who are looking for easy victims.

HOW SOUND WORKS AS DETERRENT: Crime prevention experts view SOUND as a highly effective and powerful tool in the fight of personal security. Sound is assertive. Making sound notifies the attacker that you are not willing to be a victim. Sound increases the attacker’s fear of being caught. Sound can startle and disorient and attacker who is not expecting it. Sound calls attention to the scene of the attack (or potential attack). Others can help or call for the Police, and attackers never want witnesses.

By Marvin Badler


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