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How To Live A Simpler Life With Self-Storage

Surrounded by all the treasures and junks accumulated in life, it will be difficult to live a simple and peaceful life. This is especially so if these things are just spilling over each other, hardly leaving space within which to live life. It is a fact that life is lived a lot simpler when we have what we need and limit what we want.

Take a Step Back

One cannot see the full picture of chaos and disorder if one is in it. He has to take a step back to assess the real situation. The only real way to do that is to face the task of putting order squarely until it is restored.

Extreme cases require extreme measures. One way of doing this is to haul all things that are not being used to a self-storage facility. These are the things that need to be decided on if they are to be kept or disposed of. Those that can readily be decided on should be dealt with immediately so as not to take valuable space either at home or in the storage facility.


The key to a simpler life is knowing what we want and understanding how we can achieve that. Presuming that all the things with unclear fate have been placed in the self-storage facility, this leaves the house then with more space to arrange the necessities that remain in the house. Once the necessities are in place, it would be a lot easier determining the fate of the items placed in storage.

Things that should not be disposed and must be returned to the home:

1. Items that are part of a set of home furniture and other home furnishings that were deemed necessary.

2. Items that were actually being used regularly but somehow found themselves among the rarely used ones.

3. Items that are needed in the performance of everyday tasks.

Those that need more time for deciding should be the only ones left in the self-storage facility. This is to avoid the expense of renting a big space when a smaller space would suffice. The importance or the need of a thing is realized soon enough when it is being looked for.

Maintaining Order

By differentiating between what a person needs and what he can do without, living life becomes a lot simpler. Once order is restored, people can determine if they would need to rent a self-storage facility for a longer period to keep the items they think they wouldn’t want to dispose. Of course, there is a need to balance the pros and cons of renting vis a vis keeping them at home.

Any semblance of order achieved by doing this task is easily offset when people start to pile up again on unnecessary things. Living space denotes a space where a person can move and do what needs to be done. Being overridden by possessions is certainly not the way to live life. For things that cannot be accommodated at home yet cannot be disposed, self-storage facilities offer the best solution.

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