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How to Store Electronics, Electrical and Battery Operated Items?

It is never easy to store products that have electrical components. They are sensitive to many things such as temperature and moisture and a lot of effort is required to ensure that they are kept in the best condition. The electrical components inside consists of things like metals and printed circuit boards and if damaged are expensive to be repaired. Therefore, a proper storage method is very important when dealing with these sensitive items.

Remove the batteries

The most important step and the one you should always do first are to remove the batteries. Prolonged storage with the battery not removed will cause the battery acid to leak out and damage the electrical components within. Not only that, the acid is also harmful to us. Always remove the batteries and secure the items with shrink wrap to prevent any dust or moisture from entering.

Silica gels

Silica gels are a god send! You can easily obtain silica gel packs from the packaging of electrical products. If not, they are easily available for a low price at camera stores. Silica gels are desiccant and they absorb moisture many times their own weight. This will ensure that the storage area remains nice and dry and no moisture will be able to damage the electrical components.

Bubble wraps

Bubble wraps provide a cushioned layer between the storage container and the item, helping to absorb the impact and shocks that are aimed towards the item, preventing them from any possible damages. Bubble wraps are relatively cheap and they can be reused. Since electrical products are fragile, you should always bubble wrap them before placing them in any kind of storage boxes.

Packing peanuts

Packing peanuts will help to fill up any voids in the carton boxes when the items are in storage. Voids will cause the items to move when transporting them. By filling up these voids and preventing the items from moving, you are effectively reducing chances of them knocking against each other.

Climate controlled storage unit

Self storage units come in many different kinds and if you are storing electronic products, you will need a climate controlled storage unit. Climate controlled storage units are much more expensive than the basic ones but they allow you to adjust the temperature and moisture level in the self storage unit. Some electronic products will need to be stored below a certain temperature and the only economical way of achieving that is through a climate controlled unit.

The cost of repairing a damaged electronic product is way more than storing them in appropriate storage conditions. Above are some of the packing secrets that you should consider before attempting to store electronic products.

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