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Self Storage: Free From Natural Disasters

Whether it is because of population increase or the migration of workers to urban areas, the number of people affected by wind, snow, and rain storms continues to grow. Establishments and edifices, including self storage units, are not safe from these natural disasters. Make sure your belongings are safe by choosing a self storage facility that can defend itself against the forces of nature.

Wind Breakers

If you can, avoid getting self storage in tornado country. No amount from an insurance policy can replace that priceless family heirloom or the sentimental photos you had stowed away. If the area is known to get strong winds, choose one that has a good maintenance scheme or at least very few trees and shrubs to cause debris and damage. If your unit requires electricity, make sure the company has a reliable generator for when storms knock the power out.

Snow Coats

When you need to store items for a long period of time, take into account the effects the seasons may have on your property. Ice storms, for one, can literally put your unit in ice and damage power cables, glass windows, and more. Invest in a self storage unit that is virtually unaffected by such extreme temperatures. Make sure the walls have waterproofing solutions that will prevent moisture from seeping in and destroying your possessions. Mold and mildew could also become a problem for all affected ventilation shafts and connected units.

Flood Barriers

Sturdy roofs and leak-free units are an obvious prerequisite for self storage. What is sometimes missed but sorely needed are places that have good drainage and flood prevention measures. Opt for a provider that has a durable building that can withstand strong floods. If you don’t require frequent heavy lifting or goods transportation, choose a room on a higher floor.

With the increased number of freak storms alarming the world, investing in preventive measures and security assurances has become more practical solution these days. If you can afford it, find out the typical storms expected in your chosen area for self storage and get all the right types of insurance. When the unthinkable happens, don’t attempt to get to your self storage unit while the storm rages. Always wait for the “all clear” from the local authorities before checking on your items in the self storage facility. Never put the value of material possessions above your safety and those of others.

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